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Warzone - Cage Fighting

Mixed Martial Arts RPG. Earn Money, Better Your Fighters, Destroy the Competition, Become Champion!
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 WCF - Current Records

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Warzone - Cage Fighting

Fastest Knockout

Jamie Gallant vs Nick Johnson 0:45 Seconds

Fastest Submission

Fastest Injury

Most Damaging Slam

Most Damaging Submission

Nick Johnson STRAIGHT ARM BAR 70 Damage over David Josue

Most Damaging Punch Combo

Justin May 55 Damage over Vladimir Vovchanchyn

Most Damaging Punch Strike

Jamie Gallant SNAP ELBOW 53 Damage Rory Murphy

Most Damaging Kick/Knee Strike

Longest Win Steak

Longest Championship Reign

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WCF - Current Records
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