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 Warzone - Cage Fighting : WCF Injury & Money Rules

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PostSubject: Warzone - Cage Fighting : WCF Injury & Money Rules   Warzone - Cage Fighting : WCF Injury & Money Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 7:02 am

Warzone - Cage Fighting : Injuries

The Hospital

After a sanctioned Title Fight or Regular fight is stopped via injury, the injured fighter is immediately sent to 'The Hospital'. When a fighter is sent to 'The Hospital', he is incapable of returning to action for 2 cards, while they are healing up. If, a fighter is injured 3 fights in a row that fighter is forced into retirement. A new fighter must be created in place of them. Whether or not you want to add them to the same weight class is up to you.

Healed & Released

Once a fighter is sent to 'The Hospital' for his 2 card duration, they are free to compete again.

Warzone - Cage Fighting : Money System

Each fighter starts with a balance of $100,000, this is not transferable, so do not ask. When the fighter is scheduled to fight, they can negotiate with the other fighter on how much they want to bet on the fight, if they choose to bet at all. No more then half of your money can be wagered. The Fighter who wins the fight earns the money wagered, if any. If the two fighters decide to be there is a $1000 minimum bet for normal fights and $5000 for title fights. (This can be altered.)

Prize Money is also rewarded after each fight to the victor. Depending on the grade of fight depends on your pay out.
Example, Title Fights $50 000 (this can be altered), Undercard $15 000, Preliminary Fights $5000

Gyms & Money

First off, to create a gym it costs money, and there must be 2 fighters (both yours, or seperate people) in it to make it a gym. Gyms cost $100 000 dollars to create. How you earn/spend the money is up to you. Gym cost can be split from the fighters or you can win a few fights and cover the cost by yourself upfront. Once your gym is created, you may begin with the rest of the Gym & Money rules.

To join an already created gym, the fighter must pay 25% of their current earnings. This is to help the Gym buy better equipment. It can also be used to buy the gyms fighters items such as, cars, houses, and other items to keep moral up. The gym can use this also as an honor system if they choose. Gyms are also able to purchase more points for your fighter, to improve your fighters overall abilities. Example, if a gym paid 'x' amount of money to increase its fighters overall points, say your fighter started with 97 points it would be boosted by 1 point to 98 points. Where you put that point is up to you but keep in mind the stat maximums in the application thread. This only works on 1 Fighter/person. Choose carefully who you want to be upgraded, if you have more then 1 fighter. This is NOT reverse-able.

Gyms can buy 1 point for their main fighters once a week, assuming they have that kind of money. Solo, independent fighters can only purchase half points (0.5) per week assuming they have that kind of money. Points will be HELLA' Expensive to buy, so I doubt people will be able to buy points like that.

When fighters from gyms win their fights they must pay their gym, 30% of the winnings. Earnings will be automatically deducted, and placed into the gyms Bank Account. Payment is for Promoting them as fighters, supplies, medical care, etc. Which means independent fighters will earn more money after a fight then a promoted one. But, a promoted fighter can earn full points from their gyms, as an independent fighter cannot earn more then .5 points, although the .5 points will cost a tad more. It balances out.

Solo, Independent Fighters & Money

Solo, independent fighters make more money as they do not not have to pay anyone. This has its pros and cons much like the Gyms. Solo, independent fighters can buy all the same stuff as a Gym can with the exception of full point upgrades, although the cost will be greater. Solo. independent fighters can buy half a point upgrade (.5) for more then a gym would pay for a full point (1.0) upgrade. Gyms have the hook-ups to make things happen cheaper. You may spend your money as you wish, to make you the happiest fighter you can be. Moral goes along way in the MMA world.


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Warzone - Cage Fighting : WCF Injury & Money Rules
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